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Cruise and Stay

Cruise and Stay Holidays - If you’d like to experience the best of both worlds by combining your cruise with a shore-based holiday, it just couldn’t be easier. We have cruise and stay 2015 and 2016 packages, both ready-made and tailor-made, offering lots of flexibility and choice.


The ready-made cruise & stay holidays visit some fabulous destinations worldwide and often include exciting tours, flight upgrades and many other benefits.


But, for even greater flexibility, have a chat with our tailor-made specialists who can put together a unique cruise & stay package just for you. So if you want to include some days lying on a sun-kissed beach, indulging in some serious retail therapy or exploring a far-flung destination as part of your cruise ship, our specialists will be able to organise the right mix for you.


What’s more, our cruise and stay holidays come with the same financial protection as a standard cruise. Scotland’s Cruise Centre is ATOL bonded so you’re protected wherever your cruise and stay takes you.






Mediterranean Cruise and Stay Holidays - combine your Mediterranean cruise with a land based stay in world famous cities Barcelona, Nice, Rome and Athens, Venice, Majorca or Lake Garda.
Far East Cruise and Stay Holidays - combine your Far East cruise with a land based stay in Beijing, Xian, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai. Any description of the delightful assault on the senses that is the Far East and Asia is bound to be woefully inadequate – this is cruising paradise, from the grandeur of China; to the enduring mystery of Vietnam and Cambodia; to the gentle people of Thailand, and the non-stop life of Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holidays - enjoy gorgeous weather, golden sands, clear azure waters, and a zest for life that is infectious on a Caribbean cruise. Combine your Caribbean cruise with a land based Stay in one of Caribbean's exotic islands, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St Maarten, St Thomas, Samana and Dominican Republic, where you can experience the freshest seafood, the liveliest music, and a party, are never far away on cruises to the Caribbean, calling out to passengers young and old.
America Cruise and Stay Holidays - what is included, from the itinerary to pricing. Combine your America cruise with a land based stay in one of America's cities such as Boston, New York city, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Alaska Cruise and Stay Holidays - combine your Alaska cruise with a land based stay in Alaska where you can enjoy the towering fjords of the Inside Passage to the world-famous Glacier Bay, visit Alaska's main city Anchorage and state capital Juneau.
Canada Cruise and Stay Holidays - what is included, from the itinerary to pricing. Combine your Canada cruise with a land based stay where you can enjoy Canada's great delights such as Halifax, Nova Scotia, the grand Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and Vancouver.
Australia Cruise and Stay Holidays - Australia flaunts her diversity in larger-than-life style, dazzling with the coral glory of the Great Barrier Reef; challenging with the in-your-face, cosmopolitan nightlife of Sydney; stealing away breath with the wonder and mystery of Ayer’s Rock in the country’s ‘red centre’. Combine your Australia cruise with a land based stay in Perth, Melbourne, New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch, South Island, Wellington.
Our luxury cruise and stay holidays give you the best of both worlds. Enjoy a fabulous land based experiencing luxurious hotels and indulge on a luxury cruise ship where you will enjoy 6 star service at its very best.
River Cruise and stay holidays are an increasingly popular cruise holiday option offering a variety of cruise destinations. Many river cruises start and finish in some of the most vibrant cities in the world such as Beijing, Shanghai, Budapest, Prague, Cologne and Amsterdam to name but a few. Why not let our River Cruise experts at Scotland’s Cruise Centre advise you how to make the most of your holiday by adding on an exciting city stay either before or after your cruise.