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Cruise Destinations

Cruise Destinations - A cruise holiday can take you to every corner of the world letting you visit countless towns, cities, resorts and attractions.


And since it’s those very destinations which influence the cruise you choose to take, it’s vital you know what each one has to offer when you step ashore.


At Scotland’s Cruise Centre, we make sure our team travel on the cruises we offer. That way, we know we have practical experience when talking to our customers about the many cruise options available.


Importantly, though, it also means that – between us – we have extensive knowledge of the destinations visited by each cruise and can give you first hand advice on what to see, where to go, where to eat, where to shop, local customs and practices, how much things cost and lots more.


You can then make an informed decision on the cruise which suits you best.

Mediterranean Cruises - The Mediterranean Sea has been described as the place where East meets West – undoubtedly true, and of course its name means literally ‘centre of the world’. Generally hot in Summer and cooler in Winter, the Med attracts cruise passengers seeking relaxation, history, nature and activity in equal measure – many from Britain, for whom its delights are comfortably accessible embarking in the UK.
Caribbean Cruises - The Caribbean, Panama and Mexico are, a sea bejewelled with hundreds of tropical islands; a wonder of modern engineering and ingenuity linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and a fascinating land redolent of history, nature, culture and life.
A Baltic cruise offers cultural enrichment, historic discoveries and spectacular scenery. With extra capacity in this region... there really are some last minute bargains to be snapped up.
As you would expect of island nations with a long and turbulent history, the UK and Ireland offer much to fascinate discerning cruise passengers, whilst Iberia’s sun, history, culture and beaches beckon strongly, too.
Africa Cruises - Africa is seemingly endless veldt replete with wildlife; huge lagoons where birds of almost impossible hue flock and chatter; clamouring cities conducting life at top speed; and it’s also the small and remote island on which Napoleon lived out his last days.
Alaska Cruises - One of the world’s genuine ‘last frontiers’ and America’s largest state, Alaska brings untamed wilderness, breathtaking wildlife and majestic glaciers to the discerning cruise passenger.
America Cruises and Canada Cruises - are a kaleidoscope of colourful history and endlessly changing geography; of great cities and silent wildernesses; and of vibrant culture and untamed nature - seven time zones, and as many climates.
Australia and New Zealand Cruises - may be a world away geographically, enjoying their summer during our winter; and they may have indigenous populations with 50,000 years of history, but amongst their other principle attractions are the familiarity of the cultures and the genuine welcome of today’s people.
Canary Islands Cruises - The Canaries are islands of contrast – black volcanic landscapes and pearl white beaches; and constancy - the all-year warmth of the climate and the local people. To the east, Morocco bridges Europe and Africa – offering the majesty of the High Atlas Mountains and the mystery of the souk.
Caribbean Cruises - The Caribbean, Panama and Mexico are, a sea bejewelled with hundreds of tropical islands; a wonder of modern engineering and ingenuity linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and a fascinating land redolent of history, nature, culture and life.
Egypt Cruises and Nile Cruises - Egypt and the River Nile are names which evoke, possibly more than any others in the minds of leisure travellers worldwide, stunning images of massive pyramids and sphinxes; ancient palaces, tombs and temples – Luxor, Giza, Cairo and Karnak amongst them.
Far East Cruises - Any description of the delightful assault on the senses that is the Far East and Asia is bound to be woefully inadequate – this is cruising paradise, from the grandeur of China; to the enduring mystery of Vietnam and Cambodia; to the gentle people of Thailand, and the non-stop life of Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
Hawaii Cruises and South Pacific Cruises – an ocean-wide scattering of diverse tropical islands large and small, sharing a common legacy of volcanic fire, fine beaches, crystal-clear water and teeming sea-life
Middle East Cruises - The Middle East has only recently begun making its mark on the world of cruising – yet already the area has demonstrated its deep fascination and wide diversity, from the ancient temples and souks of Egypt and Jordan to the brash architecture and world-class shopping of Oman and the UAE (Dubai).
Northern Europe Cruises - stretches from the Arctic ice of Greenland and Iceland in the north to the temperate charm of Amsterdam in the south, taking in all the turbulent history, high culture and urban sophistication of Russia and Scandinavia and the Baltic, en route.
Arctic Cruises, Greenland Cruises, Iceland Cruises, Antarctic Cruises - An experience apart - from any other cruising experience - is an honest claim of both Polar regions – the Arctic Circle, Greenland and Iceland; and the Antarctic. They really are at the edge of the world – at the edge of survival, yet both in their own ways utterly vital the well-being of the rest of the planet.
South America Cruises - From Panama to Antarctica, South America teems with rowdy life, memorable sights, turbulent history and flora and fauna which are probably unrivalled anywhere on the routes of cruise ships the world over.
Transatlantic Cruises - Arguably still amongst the most romantic of life experiences, a transatlantic voyage remains an aspiration not only of seasoned cruise passengers, but also of leisure travellers the world over. At its best, a transatlantic voyage - albeit with fewer ports of call than a typical cruise - will offer up memories to last a lifetime.
World Cruises - Almost certainly an aspirational life experience without peer, a world cruise is a voyage of discovery - and self-discovery – building up a lifetime of memories in the typically 100 days or so it takes to circumnavigate the globe. In an entirely different pace of life, new friendships can be forged and long-cherished sightseeing ambitions realised on the epic journey a world voyage promises.