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Greece, Montenegro & Croatia Cruise

  • Departure DateSat 6th Jul 2024
  • Star Clippers Star Clipper
  • 11 Night Cruise From Athens
  • Cruise Only From £2,879 pp


  • Athens
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Katakolon
  • Corfu
  • Kotor
  • Dubrovnik
  • Korcula
  • Hvar
  • Cres Island
  • Venice, Italy

What's Included

  • FLASH SALE: Exclusive Extra Savings of up to £200 per couple - Quote BANK HOLIDAY SALE - Hurry Ends 28 May!
  • Authentic, Natural Sailing Experiences
  • Passengers can get Involved with Sailing the Ship, Climbing the Crows Nest and Pulling the Ropes.
  • Complimentary Water Sports

Prices from pp

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Cruise Only

Single Cruise Only prices available from £4,189
Cruise Only - price based on cruise only, call to add flights from your regional airport.

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Day 1 - Athens

Arrive: Sat 06 July 2024 / Depart: Sat 06 July 2024

Walking in the shadow of the Acropolis in the Agora, you can almost hear the voices of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle arguing about who was the greatest philosopher. In the soaring, subtly curved Doric columns of the Parthenon you see the masterful hand of Pericles, Athens' greatest general and builder. And in the ethereally graceful bodies of the Karyatids supporting the porch of the Erectheum, you behold the beauty of the immortals. Ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy and epicenter of western civilization, is a city for all eternity.

Day 2 - Mykonos

Arrive: Sun 07 July 2024 / Depart: Sun 07 July 2024

One of the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek Islands and quite justifiably attracting visitors from all over the world, Mykonos is a contrast of rocky hills and beautiful beaches. Hora, the capital, spreads around a colorful harbor in which fishing boats nestle side by side with luxury yachts. The brilliant white cubic houses with white-washed balconies built close together with little shops and tiny churches, make up the backstreets of the town. The harbor is overlooked by a variety of tavernas, and is a popular meeting place as the sun goes down, turning the brilliant whites to beautiful shades of pinks and reds.

Day 3 - Santorini

Arrive: Mon 08 July 2024 / Depart: Mon 08 July 2024

The island of Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands. Around 1500 BC, a volcanic eruption destroyed the center of the island, leaving a crescent shaped rim of cliffs around a harbor formed in the volcano's caldera.

Day 4 - At sea

Day 5 - Katakolon

Arrive: Wed 10 July 2024 / Depart: Wed 10 July 2024

Katakolo is a seaside town in the municipality of Pyrgos in western Elis, Greece. It is situated on a headland overlooking the Ionian Sea and separating the Gulf of Kyparissia from the rest of the Ionian. It is 11 km west of Pyrgos

Day 6 - Corfu

Arrive: Thu 11 July 2024 / Depart: Thu 11 July 2024

The lushest (and some say the loveliest) of all the Greek Islands, Corfu lies just a stone’s throw from the Albanian coast. Nowhere is the stunning natural beauty of Corfu more evident than in the small village of Paleocastritsa, where legend says Odysseus was washed ashore to be rescued by Nausicaa. Another sight not to be missed is the Achillion Palace built for Empress Elizabeth of Austria and later owned by Kaiser Wilhelm I. The British made Corfu a major base during the Napoleonic wars and you can see the lovely 1824 villa, Mon Repos, where Prince Philip was born.

Day 7 - Kotor

Arrive: Fri 12 July 2024 / Depart: Fri 12 July 2024

You might think you were sailing up a Norwegian fjord. In fact, this stunning rock-walled chasm splitting the coastal mountains of Montenegro is the longest arm of the sea in Southern Europe. As you venture deep into the heart of Boka Fjord, you’ll see several charming villages along the shore, but at its very end, Boka harbours one of the prettiest, unspoiled towns you’ll ever see, the medieval city of Kotor. Founded by the Romans, fortified with massive walls during the Byzantine era, then ruled by Venice for much of its history, Kotor has been naturally preserved by its isolation.

Day 8 - Dubrovnik

Arrive: Sat 13 July 2024 / Depart: Sat 13 July 2024

It was George Bernard Shaw who said, "Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik." Indeed, Dubrovnik is a treasure by any measure made more precious by its miraculous restoration. Crowned by the Minceta Tower, the 10th century city walls are the proud symbol of Dubrovnik's colorful history. In the cathedral treasury, a collection of priceless golden reliquaries include the remains of St. Blaise, Dubrovnik's patron saint. Stroll up the Stradún to the elaborately colonnaded Rector's Palace, designed by Onofrio de la Cava in 1435. This was the seat of the republic of Ragusa, a powerful Renaissance-era city-state boasting a fleet of 500 ships!

Day 9 - Korcula

Arrive: Sun 14 July 2024 / Depart: Sun 14 July 2024

Framed by dense green forests of allepo pine and twisted cypress, the red tile roofs of Korcula make an inviting picture that makes you want to see more of this charming island town whose most famous native son was Marco Polo. The pale wheat coloured stone Cathedral of St. Mark houses a treasure trove of Dalmatian and Italian art, including works by Tintoretto and Titian. Walk through the towering Land Gate for a great view of the town, try a traditional Korcula dish, spinning-wheel fettuccine. And if you're lucky, you may witness Korcula's thrilling Moreska Sword Dance.

Day 10 - Hvar

Arrive: Mon 15 July 2024 / Depart: Mon 15 July 2024

The heavenly scent of lavender perfumes the air in the fields and valleys around the island of Hvar. Idyllically located just off the Dalmatian coast, the island and the little port named after it have been a favourite getaway ever since the time of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and even Austro-Hungarian royalty. See the perfectly preserved Cathedral of St. Stephen, the serene cloistered Franciscan monastery and the Venetian Arsenal, where one of Europe's first public theatres was established in 1612.

Day 11 - Cres Island

Arrive: Tue 16 July 2024 / Depart: Tue 16 July 2024

Cres is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. Cres town is known for its 16th-century Venetian Tower and Arsan Palace, which houses Cres Museum and its local costumes, weapons and other relics. In the north, trails run through the Tramuntana forest. Nearby, griffon vultures nest on cliffs near the village of Beli. Southwest, secluded Sveti Ivan beach lies on a cove below the medieval hilltop village of Lubenice.

Day 12 - Venice, Italy

Arrive: Wed 17 July 2024 / Depart: Wed 17 July 2024

Venice is the heart and soul of romance. Cast your eye on the rounded domes of San Marco, take a deep breath at the Bridge of Sighs, gaze on the golden lions and the Renaissance glories of the Doge's Palace, listen for the ghosts of Verdi, Puccini and Caruso at La Fenice Opera House, gape at the classic Palladian proportions of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, glide in gondola down the Grand Canal. And know that love is always in the air in Venice.

Star Clipper From Star Clippers

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Ship Cabins

Category 6

Inside Cabin. Upper/lower berths. Bathroom with shower.

Category 1

Deluxe Deck Cabin Two Lower Beds Convert to Double Bed. Minibar. Bathroom with whirlpool bath. Cabin doors open onto deck.

Category 2

Larger Outside Cabin. Twin/double or triple beds. Bathroom with shower. Cabin has an extra fold down bunk with a ladder.

Category 3

Outside Cabin. Twin, double or triple beds. Bathroom with shower.

Category 4

Outside Cabin. Two lower beds, double bed or triple berth. Bathroom with shower.

Category 5

Inside/Outside Cabin. Raised double bed, two lower beds or triple berth. Bathroom with shower.

Owner's Cabin

Deluxe Outside Cabin Double bed. Sitting area. Minibar. Bathroom with whirlpool bath.

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