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Cruise Shore Excursions

Save Money on Your Cruise Shore Excursions and Get Peace of Mind

Each port of call is full of exciting possibilities and to help you to make the most of your destinations, we offer a great selection of shore excursions and activities with English speaking guides and at very competitive prices. – up to 60% lower than cruise line prices. And, our shore excursion partner offers a Price Match Guarantee - we guarantee to be cheaper than the cruise line on a like for like basis. Each excursion has been carefully selected by our destination experts and designed to suit all ages and interests.

To find out more, click through to our cruise shore excursion website or call our Cruise Experts for ideas and advice on the perfect shore excursions to match your cruise itinerary.

Why pre-book my shore excursions?

You're a first-time cruiser

Visiting a port of call on a one-day visit is a whole lot different than spending a week at a resort or in a hotel. You’ve got a real deadline - the ship may not wait if you get lost and are late. Plus, ship terminals are often located outside the main tourist area, so it’s most likely worth the extra money to book a few ship’s tours until you’ve figured out the port-of-call drill for yourself.

The port is particularly exotic

If you’re visiting a place that really is foreign in culture and language or more off beat, the comfort of the tours arranged by the cruise line can really help, especially in the more challenging places.

The port is a long way from the main attractions

This applies particularly in Europe, where some of the most important destinations - i.e. Paris, Rome, Florence, Berlin and London - are quite far from where the ship actually docks.

You want to experience a broad swath of a region

Packing a lot in on one day can be hard to replicate on your own.

Places are limited on some excursions and the most popular ports tend to sell out early, so the sooner you book, the better.

Visit our cruise shore excursion website.